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Tape Transfer & Content Preservation

Yes - Tape lives. We’re all about tape.
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Tape Transfer Services

We love tape. All kinds of tape: audio, video, reels, cassettes, broadcast, audiophile, medical and just about any other you can think of. We have the knowledge and equipment to work with tape. I began my career with and grew up in the world of tape based recording. In our current age of digital file-based capture and storage the use of tape for media content is all but extinct. With that said, there are billions of hours of precious content still out there on tape, some of it very old, some a little more recent. Although tape will last a very long time, nature will ultimately take it’s course resulting in deterioration of the tape material properties.   It should be noted that even with degradation of tape over time, content can usually still be extracted and preserved. Unlike a digital file when the file is damaged or becomes corrupt, it typically results in non-usable and non-playable where none of the content can be saved. With tape it’s usually possible to retrieve at least a portion if not all content. We recently transfered several audio tapes recorded in 1954. Other than needing to repair some of the splices the tape itself played fine. The audio was amazingly clear and we were able to extract everything from beginning to end. Tape this old needed to be treated with care and handled with fragility however, we were still able to extract the all content. Which begs the question. Will a digital file still be playable and more importantly, will we have the right equipment and means to retrieve the data 60 years from now? Maybe! We have the equipment and ability to transfer the listed video and audio tape formats. Some tapes need to be physically and chemically restored through a de-hydration process prior to playback. We have that equipment also. All our machines are kept in top operational condition. We can also remove noise and color correct your video material if needed during the transfer. Content can be transfered to a digital file, DVD, BluRay, another tape format or uploaded to a site of your choice (Youtube, Vimeo or other). We’ve recently added the capability to transfer 16mm film and super 8mm film.
Betacam Betacam SP Digital Betacam DVCPRO DVCPRO HD DVCAM Mini DV HDV 1” Reel Video Tape U-Matic (3/4) VHS SVHS 8mm Digital 8 Betamax 8mm Super 8 Film 16mm Film
Video Tape Formats
Audio Formats
2” 24 track 1/4” half track Cassette 78 RPM recordings